Proper Branding

The key to a successful signage program!


Research shows that first impressions are solidified within 10 seconds, and that once in place, they are hard to change. What does your Brand say about you? As the distinguishing mark that shaped your business, it is a vital element in sending the correct message to your audience.



How can you have a successful signage program if your Brand is sending the wrong message? At Aetna, we are Branding experts. We understand that, over the course of time, your on-premise sign will be seen by millions of viewers and that for many businesses it becomes their most prominent and cost-effective form of advertising.



There are hundreds of companies across the country that can provide high quality signs at affordable prices. There are very few, however, who have the unique design capabilities that we've developed. We strive to create a landmark display rather than a lighted box with words. First Impressions - We know how to make yours count!