History of Aetna

"Eighty Years ago my grandfather started a small sign shop.
The Great Depression was not a good time to start a business, but he believed that products made with pride and backed by personal service would always find a market. Time proved him right."
"Today, we still follow his same simple business philosophy. We take pride in our work, offer personal attention to each and every client, and are dedicated to the growth of your business."

Larry Gottsman, President


Company of Aetna

In order to survive turbulent times, you must be creative. During the great depression, we printed 500 signs reading “Not Hiring” and sold them to businesses struggling to survive. In the early thirties, we were one of the first companies to promote a new product called “Neon.” After Hurricane Alicia hit Houston in 1983, we offered another new product called “Flex face,” a fabric material that would eventually replace plastic as the standard material for large signs. And, in the recession of the 90s, we discovered that bank failures actually provided an opportunity, and focused our marketing efforts on an industry that was changing identities at a rapid pace. It led to one of our most profitable times.

In summary, we’ve learned that if we listen to our customers -- who represent the marketplace -- we will not only survive but thrive while securing an important place in our industry.

Aetna Sign Group (TSCL#18370) is a licensed sign company through the state of Texas.


Sales Staff

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Larry Gottsman - President

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Jeanette Mangus - Vice President

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Sylvia Bailiff - Account Executive

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