Silverado 16 Theater

"When we began searching for a sign company to handle our theater projects, we knew that we would need someone with sound project management skills. The hundreds of details associated with the signage package required us to locate a company with proven experience in our industry. Aetna's success in installing complex signage packages all over North America made them the logical choice for our new theaters. They are one of the few vendors we work with who are "pro-active" throughout each project."

- Dan Briggs, Santikos Investments

Rivercenter Mall

"At Rivercenter Mall, we are very conscious of the effect that visuals can have on the thousands of people who we advertise to. There is nothing ordinary about the signage that we use throughout the mall. Because of this, we needed an extra-ordinary custom manufacturer to develop, design and build these displays. We are pleased to have a partner like Aetna Sign Group who can manage all of the complex issues that we have dealt with in achieving the overall vision for our mall and for the citizens of San Antonio."

- Chris Oviatt, Rivercenter Mall