ADA Compliant Signs and Signage

Commercial business owners need to adhere to the many building codes that accompany a brick-and-mortar establishment. Part of this involved displaying ADA compliant signs where appropriate. As an experienced ADA sign company, Aetna Sign Group will help you stay compliant with signage that complies to the standards established in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). From parking signage to ramp and step signage, we work hard to help you keep your San Antonio, TX business accommodating and accessible to all persons.

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What are ADA Compliant Signs?

ADA signage is designed to promote readability and accessibility for important signage in facilities. From bathroom signage with braille to handicap parking signage and beyond, facilities have a duty to remain accessible through the signage they produce.

Staying ADA compliant when it comes to signage depends on three important variables:

  1. Determining whether signage is required;
  2. Adhering to signage design requirements;
  3. Installing the sign where it’s most accessible.

We can help you maintain standard across all three compliance variables, to ensure maximum accessibility for your patrons and to keep you on the right side of ADA laws.

The Importance of ADA Compliant Signs

ADA compliant signs are important not only to stay compliant with accessibility laws, but also to ensure your business is welcoming to persons of all abilities. Promoting ADA signage within your San Antonio, TX facilities shows that you’re conscious and courteous of every individual, and that you’re doing your part to ensure maximum mobility, readability and assistance. Whether it’s internal signage or external markers, ADA signage keeps your business considerate and compliant.

Work With a Knowledgeable ADA Sign Company

Aetna Sign Group is deeply familiar with ADA standards—especially when it comes to signage. We’re not just your partner for well-crafted signs; we can also make sure you’re meeting ADA compliance codes when it comes to displaying that signage. Contact us today at 210-826-2800 to discuss ADA signage with an expert who knows exactly what you need to keep your business welcoming and accommodating to all persons.

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