Houston Commercial Sign Company

Aetna Sign Group is a licensed sign company, serving Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and other cities in Texas. The company was founded 90 years ago by the grandfather of its current president Larry Gottsman. Even now, after so many years, Aetna is still based on the same philosophy and similar principles.

Aetna’s team includes experienced professionals, who are highly experienced in engineering and can manufacture different types of commercial signs by keeping high quality. Aetna has proved to be a company that you can trust and count on.

Commercial Sign Company In Houston, Tx

Commercial Sign Company In Houston, Tx

Commercial Sign Company in Houston, TX

The mission of the company is to provide companies with quality signage and well-designed and manufactures commercial signs reflecting the uniqueness of their services and products. Aetna’s trained and licensed professionals can design, manufacture, deliver, and install signs for different companies and businesses. Aetna Sign Group is one of a few companies that received multiple awards for its unique and quality sign designs. Moreover, several associations in the Lone Star State have recognized Aetna, including TSA, the Wow Factor, and Frank Page.

Commercial Sign Design

A commercial sign is more than just a sign that tells people about your company. You should consider it as a long-term investment into your business. A top-notch commercial sign is your best sales agent because it will sell your services and products all day and night, 24/7. Therefore, the design of your commercial sign is extremely important and should be taken seriously.

At Aetna, our professionals consider a commercial sign design more than just a process of creating a sign. The first and one of the most important steps in the assessment of the business. We need to understand your vision and think about how to bring it to life with the help of design. We want to make sure that the sign we create will tell your potential customers who you are.

An initial consultation is what we always conduct before starting an actual design process. A consultation allows us to discuss important things and aspects that need to be taken into consideration. They are engineering aspects, sign codes, landlord approvals, and other things.

After the consultation, we will start working on your sign. Once the design of the sign is completed and you like what you see, we can discuss the cost and move to the next steps.

Commercial Sign Fabrication

Fabrication is the next step that follows sign design. At Aetna, the fabrication process is based on the combination of quality components and strong design concepts. Aetna’s experienced technicians know how to make different types of commercial signs, including:

  • Exposes Neon: It is a classic type of commercial sign that makes the sign look a little artistic and retro. It is possible to make it non-illuminated or with bulbs.
  • Cabinet Signs: These dimensional signs usually have a metal frame with acrylic or metal faces.
  • Individual Lit Letters: These signs are usually made of aluminum. They are illuminated with either energy-efficient LED modules or neon tubing.
  • Multi-Tenant Pylons: These freestanding large signs with multiple signage sections are often made for hospitals, shopping malls, grocery stores, office buildings, and other places.
  • Message Centers: They are electronic signs that display figures, letters, or special symbols that you can change by remote or automatic means. Message centers are believed to be among the most efficient and effective advertising methods today.

Commercial Sign Installation

Creating a unique, award-winning design and a great sign for your business is one thing. However, there is also another important thing – proper sign installation that will exceed the client’s expectations. At Aetna Sign Group, detailed schedules for sign installations are our priority, because we understand that installation can be more important than the sign itself.

Aetna’s technicians are professionals with decades of experience who know how to address challenges and issues that are associated with commercial sign installation. They have all the necessary protective equipment and tools to make the process of commercial sign installation completely smooth and safe. We know how to exceed our clients’ expectations because our values are professionalism, safety, and accuracy.

Commercial Sign Service and Maintenance

At Aetna, we want to make sure that the signs we design, manufacture, and install service you and your business well and for a long time. Therefore, our services also include comprehensive maintenance options helping to protect your commercial sign. To submit your maintenance or service request, all you need to do is to visit our website and fill out the special form.

Do you need the help of a commercial sign company for your business in Houston, TX?

Any business owner knows and understands that signage is important. Without proper signage, advertising your products and services will be hard. Commercial signs are considered important components of any marketing strategy. Quality commercial signs attract more potential customers, raise brand awareness, draw attention to promotions, convey more information about the business and business owner.

Commercial Sign Company In Houston, Tx

If you are a business owner from Houston, TX, and you are looking for a trustworthy company to create a commercial sign for you, Aetna Sign Group would be your perfect choice. Aetna is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in commercial sign installation in Texas. It specializes in developing, creating, and installing all types of different signs. Aetna’s technicians specialize in all types of signs, even the most complex ones. The company’s mission is to help your business to create its unique image with the help of a commercial sign that will provide potential clients with a clear understanding of who you are and what kind of products and services you offer.