Monument Signs

A monument sign is a prestigious way to let people know they’ve found your business. Whether you operate an entire campus or want to make the boundary on a sprawling property, business monument signs are a can’t-miss tribute to your San Antonio, TX company. Let Aetna Sign Group design and install a monument sign that gives your business bold appeal and a powerful imposing presence wherever it’s placed. We promise a sign you’ll love to look at—and one your customers and patrons won’t be able to ignore.

What are Monument Signs?

Business monument signs are standalone signs that are situated apart from the main building. They’re often large and imposing, giving full attention to the business’ name and any other pertinent information, such as a slogan or the business’ hours. We fabricate monument signs out of numerous materials, including metal, wood, composite materials and more. Also called ground signs, they’re well-placed at the entrance to a property or where they’ll gather the most impressions from passersby.

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The Benefits of Business Monument Signs

A well-designed monument sign is hard to miss and can leave a lasting impression on the people who see it. We’ve installed monument signage throughout San Antonio, TX, with a mind for placement, aesthetic and messaging. Let us show your business the many benefits that accompany this standalone type of signage:

  • Visually striking because it stands alone, all by itself
  • Great visibility opportunities, since you can place it in high-traffic areas
  • Relatively low maintenance when made and installed correctly
  • Highly applicable, even in areas with restrictions on signage type and placement

Consult with us About Monument Signs

Put up a monument to your business with the help of Aetna Sign Group! We take pride in designing and constructing monument signs that stand out, no matter where they’re installed. We’ll help you put your business’ name upfront with bold appeal. Reach us today at 210-826-2800 to learn more about our capabilities or to see some of the monument signage we’ve installed for customers across Texas.

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