Neon Signs

It’s hard to ignore the beauty, appeal and allure of neon signage. But commercial neon signs aren’t just limited to “we’re open” signs! Chat with Aetna Sign Group about how to put your business’ name in neon or the opportunities to create a neon work of art that quickly becomes associated with your business. From simple signs to more complex pieces, we’re an experienced neon sign company in San Antonio, TX with a full complement of capabilities that result in stellar signage for businesses of all types.

What are Neon Signs?

We all know a neon sign when we see one! What many businesses don’t realize is that commercial neon signs are as much a work of art as they are a practical piece of signage. Named for the gas they contain, neon signs project vibrant, appealing colors in a stylized way that immediately attracts attention. They’re often designed to mimic classic styles, including script fonts and exaggerated shapes.

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The Benefits of Commercial Neon Signs

Neon signs offer numerous benefits of San Antonio, TX businesses—not only because of their ambiance but because of their practicality. People’s eyes are immediately drawn to these signs and they’re much more likely to register the meaning of the sign because they take the time to pay attention to it. Check out some of the biggest benefits of neon signage for businesses:

  • Great durability and low upkeep make neon signs an ideal long-term investment
  • Highly luminous construction immediately stands out among other types of signage
  • Broad opportunity for customization and personalization to your business

Work With a Reputable Neon Sign Company

Aetna Sign Group is your neon sign company when it comes to producing attractive, eye-catching signage that’s meant to stand out. We’ll create signs that fit your business aesthetic and draw the attention of passersby, bringing traffic into your establishment in droves. Reach us today at 210-826-2800 to learn more about the possibilities of neon signage and how we can customize signage for you.

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