July 28, 2021 Norman Trail

Norman Trail

"There are many good sign companies to choose from in San Antonio. Most of them are capable of developing “appropriate” signage for their clients. We were not looking for “appropriate” when we began our search for the right sign company. We wanted to work with a firm that was known for designing “landmarks” which narrowed our search to one company... Aetna Sign Group. Their unique approach to signage is refreshing and their award winning displays are truly recognized as landmarks in our community."
July 9, 2021 Chris Oviatt

Chris Oviatt

"At Rivercenter Mall, we are very conscious of the effect that visuals can have on the thousands of people who we advertise to. There is nothing ordinary about the signage that we use throughout the mall. Because of this, we needed an extra-ordinary custom manufacturer to develop, design and build these displays. We are pleased to have a partner like Aetna Sign Group who can manage all of the complex issues that we have dealt with in achieving the overall vision for our mall and for the citizens of San Antonio."
June 24, 2021 David Dunne

David Dunne

"We purchased property and created a design center on I-10 to give our company more visibility. Knowing how important a good sign was to creating the visibility we wanted, I contacted Aetna. I was hoping for a sign that reinforced my brand, what Aetna designed and installed was a landmark. During a period of bad national economic news, we generated leads for new work primarily because of the visibility of our design center and our unique sign. Out of 15 leads that our firm received for work in the last 3 weeks, 13 of them mentioned seeing our sign or the new design center. Thanks Aetna for helping us grow our business."
June 11, 2021 Bob Dugas

Bob Dugas

"Our goal at any store is to get the largest sign possible because our stores tend to be on high traffic thoroughfares. Many times an appeal process is necessary to secure the desired signage. Aetna Sign Group has never let us down. Their success in front of local boards is second to none. This is just one reason why we rely on Aetna Sign Group to manage every detail of our signage program."
June 2, 2021 Allison Bonner

Allison Bonner

"TitleMax partnered with Aetna Sign Group in the spring of 2011 to work on our Texas locations. So far we have completed close to 30 locations together, with at least 25 more locations to come. Aetna has been timely, thorough, and has produced great quality signs for us. Their project management team has been fantastic to work with. We look forward to continuing our relationship in 2012 and beyond."
May 27, 2021 Billy Padgett

Billy Padgett

"The level of detail and quality workmanship we receive make working with Aetna Sign Group a real pleasure. I never hesitate to recommend Aetna to Tenants and fellow Industry Professionals, the end product received is always first class."