Wayfinding and Directory Signage

From large corporate campuses to office buildings with multiple tenants, it’s important for visitors to know where they’re going. Aetna Sign Group is your wayfinding sign company in San Antonio, TX, capable of producing wayfinding and directory signage that points every person in the right direction and makes getting to their destination simple. Our signage solutions help your business improve the visitor experience, create cohesion within facilities and keep everyone organized and on-track as they navigate.

What is Wayfinding and Directory Signage?

Wayfinding and directory signage are useful for telling visitors to a facility or campus where to go. Directory signage often takes the shape of a monument sign or centralized signage fixture at the entrance of a campus. Then, a wayfinding sign company creates signage that’s installed throughout the greater campus to provide context for where a person is. This signage is often directional in nature, meant to guide people seamlessly to their destination.

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The Benefits of Wayfinding and Directory Signage

If you operate a campus, large facility or multifaceted property in San Antonio, TX, wayfinding signage is paramount. It’s important that first-time visitors and frequent guests alike are able to navigate the property without getting lost or sidetracked. Some of the chief benefits of directory and wayfinding benefits include:

  • Increase the visitor experience and boost guest confidence as they navigate
  • Contextual signage ensures everyone always knows where they are
  • Wayfinding can help keep people out of restricted or off-limits areas
  • Directory and wayfinding signage lend themselves to ADA compliance

Work with a Wayfinding and Directory Signage Company

Make sure anyone visiting your campus or facilities knows exactly how to get to where they need to go! Aetna Sign Group is proud to be a full-service directory signage company, offering wayfinding signage and support to businesses across Texas. Reach us today at 210-826-2800 to discuss the needs of your facilities and to learn more about our wayfinding and directory signage capabilities.

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