LED and EMC Signs

Looking to make a big statement with your signage? Few signage options rival the eye-catching nature of LED and EMC signs. Aetna Sign Group is an LED sign company with the capability to design and install both LED and EMC signs on your business’ property, as a way to pique the interests of passersby. From recreational facilities to college campuses, stadiums to strip malls, there’s no shortage of great applications for these vivid signs in San Antonio, TX. Make us your EMC sign company to take advantage of them all!

What are LED and EMC Signs?

Light-emitting diode (LED) and electronic message center (EMC) signs are two popular forms of digital signage that businesses can use to deliver dynamic messaging to customers. Working with an LED sign company to create digital signage allows businesses to flash multiple messages, create attention-grabbing CTAs and innovate their messaging as the business’ needs change. Choose from a wide array of LED and EMC signage options, including monument-style and pylon signage, across a range of different materials.

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The Benefits of LED and EMC Signs

Working with an EMC sign company in San Antonio, TX gives businesses access to tremendous benefits that simply aren’t attainable with many forms of static signage. When it comes to attracting attention and delivering robust messaging, it’s difficult to beat digital signage capabilities. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Dynamic messaging capabilities allow you to constantly change the display
  • Digital signage is more attention-grabbing and engaging than static signs
  • Despite higher upfront cost, digital messaging offers tremendous ROI for businesses
  • Great for increasing customer attentiveness and delivering meaningful CTAs

Consult with a Proven LED and EMC Sign Company

Program your business hours, exciting announcements and more into a captivating LED or EMC sign from Aetna Sign Group. We can handle the complete design, installation and programming of your digital signage, for results that are impossible to ignore. Contact our experienced team today at 210-826-2800 to learn more about the power of LED and EMC signage on your premises.

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