Pylon Signs

Sometimes, the best approach to signage is a vertical one. Commercial pylon signs are one of the best ways to make use of height to get your business’ message across to those who need to see it. Aetna Sign Group will work with you to survey your site and determine the best approach to pylon signs—then fabricate and install powerful signage that nabs the attention of passersby, even at a distance. We’re the pylon sign company San Antonio, TX trusts to get businesses noticed when proximity might be a challenge.

What are Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs are a type of freestanding signage that utilizes vertical space to display relevant information to onlookers. Commercial pylon signs can display anything from several business names, to directional information on a campus, to instructions for visitors. They’re commonly used by industrial complexes, malls, corporate campuses, educational campuses, car dealerships and many, many other locales. They’re highly customizable and supremely informative, to coordinate activities for all those on-site.

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The Benefits of Commercial Pylon Signs

If you operate a campus or large commercial or industrial facility in San Antonio, TX, talk to our team about pylon signs. These signs offer great visibility and provide clear and important information to those who need to see it—whether it’s your business’ name or instructions on where to go next. Some of the biggest benefits of commercial pylon signage include:

  • Great visibility, especially for those who might not be close to the sign
  • Highly customizable with business name, information, instructions, etc.
  • Offers great versatility not only as a piece of signage, but also as a landmark
  • Cost effective and relatively low maintenance, for exceptional company ROI

Choose a Superior Pylon Sign Company

Aetna Sign Group has been the go-to pylon sign company is Texas for nearly a century. Our ability to make use of vertical space, create perspective and design with integrity have helped businesses across the state get the word out about their business. Reach us today at 210-826-2800 to inquire about pylon signage and how we can put your business’ name in a clear line of sight, to attract patrons to your storefront.

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